A Guide to Hire the Best Dog Walkers in NYC

A Guide to Hire the Best Dog Walkers in NYC

Do you live in Manhattan? Is your dog your favorite person? Are you looking for the best dog walkers in NYC to keep your k-9 active, playful, and exercised? You are in the right place.

This guide to hiring the best dog walkers in NYC will give you some pointers when it comes to finding and hiring a professional dog walking service near you.

To get started, I want to let you know that not all dog walkers are created equal. Some do it as a side hustle, some do it because they just needed a job, and others do it because they absolutely love walking dogs and spending time with your pets.

What is required to be a professional dog walker in NYC?

I would venture to say that most dog walkers in NYC do not have a business license to operate in the city. While there is no special "dog walking permit", operating a business in the city does usually require a permit or license to do so. This is one tell-tell sign that will show you how serious they are about their dog walking business.

The same is likely true about insurance.

This can really present a problem especially if something should happen to a dog during a walk. If your dog walker isn't isn't insured, we highly recommend finding another company offering the same service. It just isn't worth the risk.

How do you know a dog walker cares about their job?

The easiest way to know how much a dog walker or dog walking service cares about the profession is to look at the credentials, certifications, and experience.

Credentials and Certifications

Someone who has been certified in pet CPR from an accredited course clearly cares enough about the work to invest time, money and effort in getting certified.

People serious in the dog walking business in NYC also have access to certification courses throughout the country. These courses teach people the basics of behavior, dog handling, group walking, leashes, observation, health, safety and more. The basics can also be learned on the job if the dog walker works for a reputable company in the city.


Dog walking experience in manhattan is probably one of the biggest indicators of quality. You want to make sure someone who takes your pet on regular walks or runs knows the area. They will know places that should be avoided, trash days on certain streets, and other things that could potential harm your dog or make it a less than desirable experience.

As you well know, walking a dog in the city has a unique set of challenges and you don't want to leave your pet in the hands of someone inexperienced with job.

Dog Walker Pay. A bigger factor than you think.

How much do you charge for dog walking? Is a common question asked by people looking for the service. But before you go hiring the lowest bidder, keep this in mind:

The dog walking rate is directly proportionate to the service, security, and quality you can expect.

If you wouldn't leave your dog with just any old stranger, I highly recommend doing your research and finding out the average cost of a dog walker in NYC, and more specifically, Manhattan.

Once you identify a handful of service providers in your area, visit their website and their Google My Business page. Is their website professional? Do they have an easy way to get a price? Do they have 5 star reviews? How many?

You should hire a highly rated dog walker that has a number of reviews and a good reputation.

Final thoughts before you hire a dog walker in the City.

Finding the right dog walker in Manhattan will take a little time, but isn't it worth it? At City Tails we think so! Do your research and make sure your dog is getting treated with respect, stays safe during their walks, and enjoys themselves. Remember, they can't tell you how their day was, and the last thing we want you to do is spend money on a dog walker that hates their job, just does it because they have to, or worse yet, doesn't like dogs at all!

Good luck and feel free to get a quote if you'd like to know how much our dog walking service is in the West Village and Greenwich Village area of Manhattan NYC.

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